A Quick Guide to Acrylic Mirrors

A Quick Guide to Acrylic Mirrors

Mirrors are an underrated part of home décor. They can fit in almost any space and elevate the area they’re in. Mirrors also have the added benefit of brightening spaces, making them feel bigger and drawing the eye to them as a focal point. 

So why are more and more people drawn to acrylic mirror sheets over traditional glass mirrors? Let’s go through it in this guide. 

Why Do People Enjoy Using Acrylic Glass?

1. Safer Than Glass

Acrylic mirrors are known to be about 17 times stronger than glass. This means they can withstand greater impact rates such as bangs, collisions, and crashes very well. This strength is what makes acrylic mirrors a great option where glass can crack or shatter.

Even if the surface of an acrylic mirror gets scratched an acrylic polish can even be used to restore the surface, unlike glass.

2. Easier To Handle

Acrylic mirrors are half the weight of glass in addition to being much stronger. As it’s also more flexible than glass it bends when you work with it. This can make them cheaper and easier to deliver, lift, handle, and install, making it a great option for those who want to DIY and those who don’t want to hire someone to deliver for them.

3. Quicker To Fit

Because handling acrylic mirrors is so much easier and safer than glass, it also tends to be easier to fit. Acrylic mirrors should be mounted on a flat surface to prevent warping (unless that’s the vibe you’re going for). You can use adhesives or screws as the mirrors are easy to manipulate without fear of them breaking as easily as glass. That being said, acrylic can still shatter if put under too much stress, so be careful. 

4. Low Cost

Acrylic mirrors are not as cheap as glass in some settings. This is because they are more durable and tend to have a longer life. When you buy them in bulk, however, they can be cheaper, and they can also be more competitively priced. This all depends on your use cases after all. What it boils down to is how long the mirror lasts. As acrylic mirrors have a longer life the cost can be more upfront but they tend to last longer, which means your investment is protected for longer, making it very much worth it. 

Where To Buy From

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